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Hello, hello! I am Voni (pronounced like Tony, but with a V at the beginning). If you said it wrong in your head while reading this, no worries, we can still be friends. I’m grateful you are here! 


Born and raised in California, and being a lover of food, I always had great opportunities to try many different and diverse flavors and foods. Oh, by the way, you will see the Cali girl appear in some of my posts – just embrace it 😉 I am a mother and a wife, but for sure a lover of food. My love for cooking didn’t really start until I was a newlywed. In our first five years of marriage we had four kids. Yes, I said it – FOUR babies in FIVE years. Ahhhh crazy I know, but such a HUGE blessing! So there I was, a super busy full time working mom, with a husband who was a student and working full time, putting in hours of volunteering with our church, sports, family events, etc. You get it – I was busy. We were on a tight budget, and when I say a tight budget I mean a REALLY tight budget. I realized I needed to learn fast, quick, easy but super tasty recipes that would fit in our budget. I started diving into recipes and experimenting with different spices and foods we could afford and fell in love with it! It quickly became a creative outlet for me. Fast forward to now, 10 years later, I am helping other busy folks with some of my quick and tasty recipes, tips and tricks I have learned in and out of the kitchen, mom hacks and a ton of other goods I’ve picked up throughout the years.


Other cool facts about me (well I think they are cool): I am a lupus survivor. Because of that, I strive to keep the sugars on a low and may use alternatives. I used to secretly wish I could be in a Bollywood video (I am bustin’ a little move right now as I type this.) Even though I am a city girl, I really wish I could live in the country on a farm or on an island and just live off the land. I wear work out pants all day every day even if I didn’t work out that day or that month – don’t judge! HA! Enjoy the blog folks!

Voni having fun

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  • Voni you are the cutest person!!! I love your style, your kindness, and how you are able to make someone feel special in literally seconds. Your blog is gorgeous! All your food pictures make me hungry!!! I can’t wait to try them all!!

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